Government of Romania - Minster of Environment and Forest (since Dec-2009)

- Graduate of Timisoara University - Faculty of Economic Sciences (1977)
- Courses at Academy of Economic Sciences (1991) and Salzburg University (1991)
- PhD at Babes - Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca (2008)
- Romanian Parliament - Chamber of Deputies (1990-1996 and 2000 to present)
- MLPAT Secretary of State - Public Works & Territorial Development (1996-2000)
- Minister of Transport - delegate (2004-2007)
- Minister of Development & Public Works (2008)

Selahattin ÇIMEN

Dr. Selahattin ÇIMEN
Turkey - Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of  Energy and Resources (since 2003)

- Graduate of Istanbul Technical University, Department of Mining Engineering (1985)
- M.Sc. degree in Engineering Management at Portland State University, USA (1992)
- Ph.D. degree in Mining Engineering at Middle East Technical University, Ankara (2011)
- State Planning Organisation (SPO) - Planning Expert for Energy and Mining
- Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR) - Energy Affairs General Director


Slovenia - President of the European Small Hydropower Association (since 2010)

- Graduate of Ljubljana University - Faculty of Electrical Engineering
- General Manager of ECOWATT, Slovenia - green power to end users
- President of the Slovenian Small Hydropower Association (1996-2011)


United Kingdom - Environment Specialist at Scottish Water (since 2001)

-  Winston Churchill Foundation Award (2011):  Environmental Best Practices across
   various sites, including pumped storage, run of river and large scale hydropower
   plants in Norway, South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania
-  Previously Claire worked in the oil and gas sector in South Africa, on environmental
   management systems

Sergiy MOROZ

Sergiy MOROZ
Senior Water Policy Officer at WWF European Policy Office

- Sergey Moroz joined the WWF European Policy Office in January 2005. As Freshwater
  Policy Officer, he is working on a range of issues, including the implementation of the
  Water Framework Directive and integration of sustainable water management into
  relevant EU policies and budgets.
- Before joining WWF European Policy Office, Sergey worked for four years with WWF
  Freshwater Programme in Denmark, UK and France.
- Prior to that, he worked for WWF’s restoration project in the Danube Delta.
- A Ukrainian citizen, Sergey has a somewhat eclectic background for WWF,
  a fascination with all things “water” and a sizable collection of history books.

Dave Williams

United Kingdom - CEO of the British Hydropower Association (since 2006)

- Previously he was seconded to UK Government Trade & Investment Overseas
  Agency as an Export Promoter for Hydropower
- In 2004 he was appointed as a Visiting Professor of Engineering to the University of
- From 1964 to 1995, he served in roles of increasing responsibility for Gilbert, Gilkes &
  Gordon Ltd

Bogdan NITU

Bogdan NITU
Romania - Managing Director, SUPERLIT (since 2009)

- Graduate of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest - Ceramic Materials (1996)
- Intelligence Academy - National Security & Public Affairs (2009)
- National Defence College -  Good Governance for High Ranking Officials (2010)
- 15 years experience in top management positions working for Orange,
   Philips, Pipelife, Sunlight, and SUPERLIT


Norway - Director at Norwegian Small Hydropower Association
(since 2010)

- Vice-Chair of Board at Carte Blanche (2004-2008)
- Communications Director at Doctors Without Borders South Africa (2008-2009)
- Head of Association of Smallscale Electric Power Producers (Norway)
- Member, Governing Board at European Small Hydropower Association (ESHA)


Austria - Managing Director at Austrian Small Hydropower Association (since 2007)

- Graduated at University of Natural Resources , studied landscape planning
  and landscape maintenance (
- In 2007 she gained in the course of the postgraduate, part-time "MSc Program 
Renewable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe" the Master
degree of the
  Technical University of Vienna
Managing Director of the Energy Park Bruck and Leitha (2002-2007)

Konstantinos VASILIKOS

Konstantinos VASILIKOS
Greece - Vice President of the Greek Small Hydro Association

- Konstantinos Vasilikos was born in Volos-Greece in 1968 and is a graduate of
  the School of Mechanical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.
- He was engaged in the field of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy  Conservation
  since 1993, particularly in Small Hydro, as a consulting engineer in the public and private
- Since 1995 till 2005 he was an associate of the Center of Renewable Energy Sources,
  the Greek Ministry of Energy and the Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy.
- He has participated in a large number of national and international studies and projects.
- Member of the Greek Hydrotechnique Union and the Hellenic Wind Energy Association.

Dimitar Dimitrovski

Macedonia - Legal Specialist at IFC - International Finance Corporation (since 2010)

- Graduated at University of 'Sv. Kiril i Metódij' - Skopje, studied Law (1998)
- University of Pittsburgh, Master of Public Policy and Management (2006)
- University of f 'Sv. Kiril i Metódij' - Skopje, PhD candidate, Energy Law (2012)
- Head of Legal Department at Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia

Lazar Gechevski

Macedonia - Director of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia

- Graduated at University Faculty of electrical engineering and information
   technologies Skopje Macedonia
- Chief Executive Officer Rade Koncar - Electrical Power Plants, Skopje (1998-2000)
- General Manager - Chief Executive Officer, Darvage, Skopje (2000-2008)
- General Manager - Gezup, Skopje (2008-2009)
- Director of the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia (2009 - Present)

Bogdan POPA

Bogdan POPA
Romania - President of Romanian Small Hydropower Association
PhD, Assoc Professor - Hydropower Engineering - University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

Julio Alberto ALTERACH

Julio Alberto ALTERACH
Italy - Senior Research Engineer at Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico - RSE SpA (since 2005)

- Graduated at University of Buenos Aires as Civil Engineer (1985)
- Junior Engineer in the Hydraulic Department of the International Project Consulting
  Company in the Bi National Yacyretá Project, Argentina and Paraguay, Italy (1986-1990)
- Junior Engineer ISMES - ENEL HYDRO (1990-2004)
- Specialized technician on hydraulic engineering in the Territorial and Environment
  Department  (STA), Italy (2004-2005)

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