Since the 18th century, hydropower has been one of the most reliable and cost-effective methods to generate clean electricity. Accounting today for about 10% of total electricity production in Europe, hydropower plays an important role in meeting today’s EU climate objectives.

Legitimate concerns related to the coexistence of hydropower activities with nature conservation policies have become over time an obstacle to the production of efficient and renewable water-based electricity, while triggering the development of innovative solutions for environmental-friendly and economically sound hydropower technologies and policies.

The 1st edition of the European HYDROPOWER Summit, jointly organised by the European Small Hydropower Association  - ESHA - and SUPERLIT, under the auspices of His Excellency Mr. Laszlo BORBELY, the Romanian Minister of Environment, will present the key challenges faced by policy makers in Europe with regard to hydropower development and their economically viable responses to meet environmental objectives and provide a sustainable future for their countries.
The summit will offer a business and knowledge exchange platform for experienced hydro stakeholders and regulators from all around Europe.

There is a limited exhibition space reserved for the premium sponsors and partners. Participation to this event is by invitation only.

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